Adjar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Adjar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Аджарская Автономная Советская Социалистическая Республика
აჭარის ავტონომიური საბჭოთა სოციალისტური რესპუბლიკა
Autonomous republic of the Soviet Union


Capital Batumi
Government Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
   Established 1921
   Disestablished 1990
Currency Ruble
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Democratic Republic of Georgia
Map of the Adjar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922.

The Adjar ASSR, Adzhar ASSR or Adjarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Adjarian ASSR; Georgian: აჭარის ავტონომიური საბჭოთა სოციალისტური რესპუბლიკა; Russian: Аджарская Автономная Советская Социалистическая Республика) was an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union within the Georgian SSR, established on 16 July 1921.[1] After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, it became the Autonomous Republic of Adjara within Georgia.


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After a temporary occupation by Turkish and British troops in 19181920, Ajaria was reunited with Georgia in 1920. A brief military conflict in March 1921 prompted the government in Ankara to cede the territory to Georgia as a consequence of Article VI of the Treaty of Kars, with the condition for autonomy to be provided for the Muslim population. Accordingly, the Soviet Union established the Adjarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic on 16 July 1921. Nonetheless, Islam within the new republic, as elsewhere in the Soviet Union and in common with Christianity, was persecuted and repressed.

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