New York Earth Room

The New York Earth Room is an interior sculpture by the artist Walter de Maria that has been installed in a loft at 141 Wooster Street in New York City since 1977.[1] The sculpture is a permanent installation of 250 cubic yards (197 cubic meters) of earth in 3,600 (335 square meters) square feet of floor space, and 22 inch depth of material (56 centimeters).[2] The installation has had the same caretaker, Bill Dilworth,[3] for the past 23 years.


The first 'Earth Room' was the Munich Earth Room, installed in 1968 by Heiner Friedrich at Galerie Heiner Friedrich in Munich. The work was first installed in New York in 1977 as a 3-month exhibition, at what was then the Heiner Friedrich Gallery. It remained on display long afterward, and when Friedrich helped to establish the Dia Art Foundation in 1980, he supported its permanent sponsorship of the New York Earth Room.[4]

Similarly to de Maria's Lightning Field installation, his Broken Kilometer and New York Earth Room installations in New York remain on continuous view.[5]

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