New York Korean Center

New York Korean Center
General information
Type Cultural Center
Town or city New York City
Country U.S.
Client Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Technical details
Floor count 8 Stories and 2 Basements
Floor area 3,108 sq. meters
Design and construction
Architecture firm Samoo Architects & Engineers
Main Official Website

The New York Korean Cultural Center is a Korean Language and Cultural Exchange Center in New York City.[1] The center offers different classes and events for visitors, including Korean Language classes, films, performing arts, music, art exhibitions in the Gallery Korea, lectures, traditional arts and crafts classes, cooking classes, tourism promotion, sports and recreational activities, and a multimedia library.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


Situated on a north facing site, the building’s glass and steel façade allows light to penetrate through and reach the street.[9] The structure was designed to reflect East Asian and Korean philosophy and contains three internal sculptural elements, composed of ceramic, wood, and rough terracotta. The polished ceramic sculpture represents heaven, while the milled wood and rough terracotta sculptures represent humanity and earth respectively.[10] These sculptural forms are also the three main programs. Large public spaces, semi-public cultural lecture rooms and libraries, and private administrative offices and visiting artists’ studio.[11]

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