Ngāti Whakaue

Ngāti Whakaue
Iwi of New Zealand
Rohe (region)

Ngāti Whakaue is a Māori iwi of New Zealand. The tribe lives in the Rotorua district and descends from the Arawa waka. The Ngāti Whakaue chief Pukaki is depicited on the New Zealand 20 cent coin.[1]

Te Arawa FM is the radio station of Te Arawa iwi, including Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāti Pikiao and Tūhourangi. It was established in the early 1980s and became a charitable entity in November 1990.[2] The station underwent a major transformation in 1993, becoming Whanau FM.[3] One of the station's frequencies was taken over by Mai FM in 1998; the other became Pumanawa FM before later reverting to Te Arawa FM.[4] It is available on 89.0 FM in Rotorua..[5]

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