Osborne, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia
Coordinates 34°47′56″S 138°29′28″E / 34.79889°S 138.49111°E / -34.79889; 138.49111Coordinates: 34°47′56″S 138°29′28″E / 34.79889°S 138.49111°E / -34.79889; 138.49111
Postcode(s) 5017
Location 21 km (13 mi) from Adelaide city centre
LGA(s) City of Port Adelaide Enfield[1]
State electorate(s) Port Adelaide[2]
Federal Division(s) Port Adelaide[3]
Suburbs around Osborne:
Gulf St Vincent Torrens Island Torrens Island
Outer Harbor
North Haven
Gulf St Vincent
Osborne Torrens Island
Gulf St Vincent Taperoo Torrens Island
Footnotes Adjoining suburbs[2][1]

Osborne is a suburb in the Australian state of South Australia located on the LeFevre Peninsula in the west of Adelaide about 21 kilometres (13 mi) north-west of the Adelaide city centre.


Osborne is bounded to the south by the suburb of Taperoo, to the west by Gulf St Vincent and to the north west by the suburbs of North Haven and Outer Harbor and to the east by the suburb of Torrens Island.[2][1]


Osborne originally started as a private sub-division in Section 2015 in the cadastral unit of the Hundred of Port Adelaide. It was named after Captain R.W. Osborne (c.1834-1920). A portion was subsequently added to North Haven. The name was “formally submitted by the City of Port Adelaide at a council meeting held on 10 May 1945” and was formally adopted in 1951 by the Nomenclature Committee. Since 1951, its boundaries have varied as follows. A portion was renamed as North Haven while another portion was added to the suburb of North Haven. In March 2006, its boundaries were varied to ensure that the Osborne Maritime Precinct was within its boundaries. In August 2009, its eastern boundary was extended to the centre of the Port River.[1] [4]

Osborneville Post Office opened around 1922; it was renamed Taperoo on 1 February 1964, and North Haven in 1989. Osborne was also known as Brooklyn after the name change from Osborneville.[5]


HMAS Hobart under construction at Osborne, 10 April 2015.

Osborne is the home of a number of industrial employers, including

Community services

Osborne is the home of LeFevre Reserve, which also hosts a community centre.

There are no schools in the suburb. The closest schools are in the adjacent suburbs of North Haven (North Haven Primary School (R-7)) and Taperoo (Ocean View College (B-12),[9] originally Taperoo High School).

Public transport

Adelaide Metro provides two bus services that directly serve the suburb - route 333 that runs between the suburb and Port Adelaide and route 150 that starts on Victoria Road within the suburb and continues to the Adelaide city centre.[10][11]

The Outer Harbor railway line has two stations that serving the suburb - Midlunga railway station and the Osborne railway station which is located nearby in the suburb of North Haven.[12]


Osborne is located within the federal division of Port Adelaide, the state electoral district of Port Adelaide and the local government area of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.[3][2][1]

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