Karakalpak boys race in Taxtako‘pir

Location in Uzbekistan

Coordinates: 43°01′21″N 60°17′19″E / 43.02250°N 60.28861°E / 43.02250; 60.28861Coordinates: 43°01′21″N 60°17′19″E / 43.02250°N 60.28861°E / 43.02250; 60.28861
Country  Uzbekistan
Autonomous Republic Karakalpakstan
District Taxtako‘pir District
Elevation 61 m (200 ft)
Population (2004)
  Total 17,100
Time zone UZT (UTC+5)

Taxtako‘pir (Uzbek and Karakalpak: Taxtako‘pir, Russian: Тахтакупыр, Takhtakupir, also Tazta-Kupir)[1] is a town and seat of the Taxtako‘pir District in Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan.[2] It is 107 kilometres (66 mi) from the Karakalpak capital of Nukus.

The town has been the seat of Taxtako‘pir District since 1984. It has six public schools and two vocational colleges.

The population in 2004 was 17,100. In 1989, during the last Soviet census, the population was recorded as 15,022 (7,553 men and 7,469 women).


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