The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden

The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden (simplified Chinese: 寄兴园; traditional Chinese: 寄興園; pinyin: Jìxīng Yuán; Jyutping: Gei3hing1 Jyun4) is a part of the Staten Island Botanical Garden, located in the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. The garden materials were shipped to Staten Island in the spring of 1998 and the garden opened in June 1999. A team of 40 Chinese artists and artisans from Suzhou constructed the garden.

A view overlooking the koi pond within the New York Chinese Scholar's Garden in Staten Island.

The president of the botanical garden, Frances Paulo Huber, recognized the need for an authentic Chinese garden in 1984. The garden was finally constructed with the support of many partners, including the Staten Island Botanical Garden, the City of New York, the Landscape Architecture Company of China, the Metropolitan Chinese American Community, various private foundations, and hundreds of individuals and corporate donors. After a long series of collaborations a contract was signed with the Landscape Architecture Corporation of China. Mr. Zou Gongwu was appointed as chief project designer.


The garden is designed with elegance (ya, 雅) in mind. The garden is traditionally entered through a narrow passage where meditation takes place, prior to entering the main garden. The design of the garden produces harmony through its views and concepts. The garden creates an infinite space within an enclosed area.


The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden


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Coordinates: 40°38′31″N 74°6′16″W / 40.64194°N 74.10444°W / 40.64194; -74.10444

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