Toy Museum of NY

The Toy Museum of NY is a theatrical and performance based museum which uses the museum's collection for its performances and to tell the story of societal change. It was founded in 1999 as The Doll and Toy Museum of NYC and given its current name in 2009.[1] Later that samed year it moved from its original location in Cobble Hill to its permanent location on the second floor of Brooklyn Heights' St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Among the locations for the museum's traveling locations are the Brooklyn Heights and Bay Ridge public library branches.[2]


The museum's collection pays homage to New York City's role and history as a center of toy manufacturing. The museum's 800 sq. ft. space contains toys dating back to the 1880s including porcelain dolls, teddy bears and model trains. In addition to rare dolls, the museum is home to classics like Mr. Potato Head, the original Frisbee pie pan, G.I. Joe and, the Easy-Bake Oven.[2][3]


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