Udmurt Autonomous Oblast

Udmurt Autonomous Oblast, 1923
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History of Udmurtia

The Udmurt Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Удмуртская автономная область Udmurtskaja avtonomnaja oblast′;[1] Udmurt: Удмурт автономи улос Udmurt avtonomi ulos) was formed on 4 November 1920 as the Votyak Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Вотская автономная область Votskaja avtonomnaja oblast′;[1] Udmurt: Вотяк автономи улос Votjak avtonomi ulos), "Votyak" being an obsolete name for the Udmurt people. It was renamed Udmurt Autonomous Oblast on 1 January 1932[1] and was reorganized into the Udmurt ASSR on 28 December 1934.[1] This became the Udmurt Republic on 20 September 1990.

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Map of the Votyak Autonomous Oblast (later the Udmurt Autonomous Oblast) in 1928
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