White Columns

White Columns

White Columns is New York City’s oldest alternative non-profit space.[1] White Columns is known as a showcase for up-and-coming artists, and is primarily devoted to emerging artists who are not affiliated with galleries. All work submitted is looked at by the director. Some of the artists receive studio visits and some of those artists are exhibited. White Columns maintained a slide registry of emerging artists, which is now an online curated artist registry.

History and locations

White Columns was founded in 1970 in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark. It was then known as 112 Workshop/112 Greene Street.

In 1979 it relocated to Spring Street, in SoHo, and was renamed White Columns. Directors of White Columns have included Josh Baer, Tom Solomon, Bill Arning, Paul Ha, Lauren Ross, and current director Matthew Higgs.[2][3][4][5]

In 1991 it moved to Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. In 1998, White Columns moved to its present location on the border of Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District,[6] initiated by then-director Ha, who inaugurated the space with the exhibition "Inventory".[7]

Since being founded, White Columns has supported and provided exposure to hundreds of artists including Alice Aycock,[8] Willoughby Sharp,[9] Kiki Smith,[10] Sonic Youth,[11] Andres Serrano, Lorna Simpson, John Currin,[12] Cady Noland, Tyler Turkle,[13][14][15][16] Sarah Sze,[17] Lutz Bacher and others. To this day, White Columns continues its support for artists with an ongoing program of exhibitions[18] and to hundreds of other artists through their online Artist Registry.[19]



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