Federal Way Link Extension

The Federal Way Link Extension is a planned Link Light Rail extension that will travel south from Sea-Tac Airport to Federal Way, along the west side of Interstate 5. It was approved in 2008 and is expected to begin construction in 2019 and open in stages, beginning with Kent/Des Moines in 2023 and eventually extending 7.6 miles (12.2 km) to Federal Way Transit Center.[1]


In November 2008, voters approved funding for the segment between Sea-Tac Airport and Redondo/Star Lake at South 272nd Street. However, reduced tax revenue as a result of the economic recession led Sound Transit to suspend all work south of Angle Lake Station (South 200th Street) in December 2010.[2] Construction on the South 200th Link Extension to Angle Lake station began in April 2013, with this segment scheduled to open for service in late 2016.[3]

On July 23, 2015, the Sound Transit Board selected their preferred alternative for the Federal Way Link Extension, routed along the west side of Interstate 5 with three stations serving Highline College, the Star Lake park and ride and Federal Way Transit Center. Sound Transit expects to begin construction in 2019, with service to Kent/Des Moines by 2023 and an extension to Federal Way completed in a later phase.[4] Funding for preliminary engineering on the southern segment was restored in February 2016, allowing for planning to resume.[5] The planned Sound Transit 3 ballot measure in 2016 proposes $1.1 billion in funding for light rail to Federal Way Transit Center via Star Lake, to be completed by 2024 if approved by voters in November 2016.[6][7]


Federal Way Link Extension map
to Central Link
Angle Lake
Kent/Des Moines
South 272nd Street
Federal Way TC

From Angle Lake station, the terminus of the South 200th Link Extension, the line will travel southeast along the planned State Route 509 freeway extension to Interstate 5. From there, trains will run on the west side of I-5, serving Highline College at Kent/Des Moines station, and a park-and-ride at South 272nd Street near Star Lake, before ending at the Federal Way Transit Center.[4]


Name City/Neighborhood Location Planned
Angle Lake Seatac International Blvd and S 200th St 2016
End of South 200th Link Extension
Kent/Des Moines Kent, Des Moines Pacific Highway S and Kent-Des Moines Rd 2023
End of funded extension
South 272nd Street Federal Way Pacific Highway S and S 272nd St
Federal Way Transit Center Federal Way 23rd Ave S and S 317th St


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