Jean Marchand (painter)

Jean-Hippolyte Marchand

Self-portrait (Jean Marchand)
Born (1883-11-21)November 21, 1883
Died 1940
Nationality French
Known for Painter
Movement Post-Impressionism, Cubism

Jean Hippolyte Marchand (1883–1940,[1] Paris) was a French cubist painter, printmaker and illustrator with an association with figures of the Bloomsbury Group.

Marchand was born in Paris and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under Léon Bonnat from 1902 through 1906. In 1910 his painting Still Life with Bananas was exhibited in the 1910 Manet and Post-Impressionism show organized by Roger Fry and then in a second show in 1912 organized by Fry with Clive Bell, both at the Grafton Galleries in London. This led to a kind of adoption of Marchand by the Bloomsbury circle, and his work was bought by the important British collector Samuel Courtauld.

The painter exhibited at the Salon d'Automne,[2] the Salon des Indépendants[3] and the Section d'Or.[4] Marchand also produced woodcut illustrations for Paul Claudel's book, Le Chemin de la Croix, and for Paul Valery's Le Serpent in 1927.

He was married to painter and printmaker Sonia Lewitska (1880-1937).[5]



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