List of King County Metro facilities

King County Metro is the public transit authority of King County, Washington, including the city of Seattle and most of the Puget Sound region. It operates a fleet of 1,396 buses, serving 115 million rides at over 8,000 bus stops in 2012, making it the eight-largest transit agency in the United States.[1][2] The agency has seven bases spread throughout its 2,134-square-mile (5,530 km2) operating area and had 131 park and rides for commuters.[2]


Name Image Location Year Opened Notes
Central Campus Atlantic Base 1555 Airport Way S, Seattle[3] 1941[4] Only base that serves electric trolley buses[4]
Atlantic Maintenance 1555 Airport Way South, Seattle[5]
Central Base 640 S Massachusetts St, Seattle[3] 1941[4]
Central/Atlantic/Ryerson Operations[6] 1270 6th Ave S, Seattle[5]
Communications Control Center 1505 6th Ave S, Seattle[5] 2007[7]
Marketing Distribution Center 1523 6th Ave South, Seattle[5]
Power Distribution 2255 4th Avenue South, Seattle[5]
Ryerson Base 1220 4th Ave S, Seattle[3] 1987[8]
Tire and Millwright Shop 1555 Airport Way South, Seattle[5]
East Campus Bellevue Base 1790 124th Ave NE, Bellevue[3] 1983
East Base 1975 124 Ave NE, Bellevue[3] 1977[9]
South Base 12100 East Marginal Way S, Tukwila[3] 1978[9] More coaches here than any other base[6] (as of September 2003).
Component Supply Center 12200 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila[5]
Training and Safety Center 11911 East Marginal Way S, Tukwila[10] Operator training, new equipment qualifications, and retraining.
North Base 2160 N 163rd St, Shoreline[3] 1992[11][12] Built mostly underground[11]

Atlantic, Central, and Ryerson Bases are located close together near Stadium Station south of downtown Seattle and are known as the Central Campus.[6] East and Bellevue bases comprise the East Campus[6] and are located nearby each other in north Bellevue. The South and East transit facilities finished an ADA retrofit in 2001.


Name Image Location Year Opened Notes
Central Maintenance 640 South Massachusetts, Seattle[5]
Employee Parking Garage 1505 6th Avenue South, Seattle[5]
Redmond Van Pool Center 18655 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond[5] 2002[13] Van Pool van storage[14]
South Facilities 11911 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila[5]

Transit centers

While Downtown Seattle is Metro's main transit hub, the transit centers act as smaller regional hubs and are served by many bus routes. Some transit centers also offer a park-and-ride facility. Metro operates out of several transit centers located throughout King County:[15]

Image Name Location Year Opened Notes
Auburn Station A St SW & 2nd St SW, Auburn 2000[16]
Aurora Village Transit Center 1524 N 200th St, Shoreline 1985[8]
Bellevue Transit Center 10850 NE 6th St, Bellevue 1985[8] Owned 51% by Sound Transit, 49% by Metro[15]
Burien Transit Center 14900 4th Avenue SW, Burien 2009[17][18] 5 electric vehicle recharging stations[19]
Eastgate Park & Ride 14200 SE Eastgate Way, Eastgate 2004[20] 3 electric vehicle recharging stations[21]
Federal Way Transit Center 31621 23rd Ave S, Federal Way 2006[22]
Issaquah Transit Center 1050 17th Ave NW, Issaquah 2008[23]
Issaquah Highlands Transit Center 1755 Highland Dr., Issaquah 2003 (interim lot)[24]
Kent Station Transit Center 301 Railroad Ave N, Kent 2001
Kirkland Transit Center 3rd Street & Park Lane, Kirkland 1986[25] Renovated 2011[25][26]
Mount Baker Transit Center 2824 Rainier Ave S, Mount Baker, Seattle 2009[27] Connection to Mount Baker light rail station
Northgate Transit Center 10200 1st Ave NE, Northgate, Seattle 1992[28]
Overlake Transit Center 15590 NE 36th St, Overlake 2002[29]
Redmond Transit Center 16160 NE 83rd St, Redmond 2008[15]
Renton Transit Center S 2nd St & Burnett Ave S, Renton 2001[30]
Totem Lake Transit Center 120th Ave NE & NE 128th St, Kirkland 2008[31] At Evergreen Medical Center


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