National Register of Historic Places listings in Union County, Oregon

Location of Union County in Oregon

This list presents the full set of buildings, structures, objects, sites, or districts designated on the National Register of Historic Places in Union County, Oregon, and offers brief descriptive information about each of them. The National Register recognizes places of national, state, or local historic significance across the United States.[1] Out of over 90,000 National Register sites nationwide,[2] Oregon is home to over 2,000,[3] and 19 of those are found in Union County.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 2, 2016.[4]

Current listings

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listed[6] Location City or town Description
1 Administration Building
Administration Building
February 27, 1980
Eastern Oregon University campus
45°19′17″N 118°05′25″W / 45.321508°N 118.090349°W / 45.321508; -118.090349 (Administration Building)
La Grande
2 John Anthony House
John Anthony House
September 22, 1988
1606 6th Street
45°19′33″N 118°05′41″W / 45.325951°N 118.094744°W / 45.325951; -118.094744 (John Anthony House)
La Grande
3 Anthony–Buckley House
Anthony–Buckley House
February 28, 1985
1602 6th Street
45°19′33″N 118°05′40″W / 45.32571°N 118.0944°W / 45.32571; -118.0944 (Anthony–Buckley House)
La Grande
4 Ascension Episcopal Church and Rectory
Ascension Episcopal Church and Rectory
December 3, 1974
Church Street
45°17′52″N 117°48′47″W / 45.297900°N 117.813100°W / 45.297900; -117.813100 (Ascension Episcopal Church and Rectory)
5 Dry Creek School
Dry Creek School
August 31, 2000
69281 Summerville Road
45°31′17″N 118°01′34″W / 45.521294°N 118.025989°W / 45.521294; -118.025989 (Dry Creek School)
Summerville vicinity
6 Abel E. Eaton House
Abel E. Eaton House
November 2, 1977
464 N. Main Street
45°12′42″N 117°51′57″W / 45.211719°N 117.865840°W / 45.211719; -117.865840 (Abel E. Eaton House)
Union This fine French Second Empire house represents a style unusual in Eastern Oregon. It was built ca. 1900[lower-alpha 1] for Abel Eaton, a prosperous businessman, civic leader, and mayor. It stands in the north Union neighborhood that was the town's upscale residential area during its period of rapid growth in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.[7][8]
7 Elgin City Hall and Opera House
Elgin City Hall and Opera House
October 10, 1980
100 N. 8th Street
45°33′56″N 117°55′02″W / 45.5655°N 117.9173°W / 45.5655; -117.9173 (Elgin City Hall and Opera House)
8 Foley Building
Foley Building
December 2, 1985
206 Chestnut Street
45°19′47″N 118°05′44″W / 45.32965°N 118.095462°W / 45.32965; -118.095462 (Foley Building)
La Grande
9 Hot Lake Resort
Hot Lake Resort
March 15, 1979
66172 Highway 203
45°14′35″N 117°57′28″W / 45.24313°N 117.9577°W / 45.24313; -117.9577 (Hot Lake Resort)
La Grande vicinity
10 A. B. Hudelson and Son Building
A. B. Hudelson and Son Building
October 28, 1999
200 E Street
45°01′39″N 117°55′08″W / 45.02741°N 117.9188°W / 45.02741; -117.9188 (A. B. Hudelson and Son Building)
North Powder
11 La Grande Commercial Historic District
La Grande Commercial Historic District
September 3, 2001
Roughly bounded by Union Pacific Railroad tracks along Jefferson Street, Greenwood and Cove Streets, Washington Street, and 4th Street
45°19′41″N 118°05′36″W / 45.327943°N 118.093397°W / 45.327943; -118.093397 (La Grande Commercial Historic District)
La Grande
12 La Grande Neighborhood Club
La Grande Neighborhood Club
July 15, 1988
1108 N Avenue
45°19′26″N 118°05′43″W / 45.32381°N 118.0954°W / 45.32381; -118.0954 (La Grande Neighborhood Club)
La Grande
13 Liberty Theater
Liberty Theater
August 5, 1999
1008–1010 Adams Avenue
45°19′45″N 118°05′45″W / 45.329123°N 118.095766°W / 45.329123; -118.095766 (Liberty Theater)
La Grande
14 Roesch Building
Roesch Building
June 3, 1996
101–111 Fir Street
45°19′36″N 118°05′34″W / 45.326737°N 118.092873°W / 45.326737; -118.092873 (Roesch Building)
La Grande
15 Slater Building
Slater Building
August 11, 1983
214–224 Fir Street
45°19′41″N 118°05′31″W / 45.327952°N 118.091957°W / 45.327952; -118.091957 (Slater Building)
La Grande
16 August J. Stange House
August J. Stange House
September 27, 1996
1612 Walnut Street
45°19′33″N 118°06′15″W / 45.32583°N 118.1041°W / 45.32583; -118.1041 (August J. Stange House)
La Grande
17 W. J. Townley House
W. J. Townley House
November 6, 1980
782 N. 5th Street
45°12′50″N 117°52′14″W / 45.21396°N 117.8706°W / 45.21396; -117.8706 (W. J. Townley House)
18 U.S. Post Office and Federal Building
U.S. Post Office and Federal Building
January 25, 1979
1000 Adams Avenue
45°19′46″N 118°05′46″W / 45.329348°N 118.096077°W / 45.329348; -118.096077 (U.S. Post Office and Federal Building)
La Grande
19 Union Main Street Historic District
Union Main Street Historic District
August 20, 1997
Along Main Street, between Birch and Fulton Streets
45°12′33″N 117°51′56″W / 45.209228°N 117.865463°W / 45.209228; -117.865463 (Union Main Street Historic District)
Union The buildings of Union's downtown core and oldest residential neighborhoods recall the town's long and vitalizing, but ultimately unsuccessful, rivalry in the late 19th century with nearby La Grande to lead Union County in transportation, commerce, population, and government. Significant structures include many from Union's period of rapid growth from its early years through World War I (1870–1919), and a smaller number from the decades just after the town reached its zenith (1920–1940).[8]

Former listings

[5] Name on the Register Image Date listedDate removed Location City or town Summary
1 Union County Alliance Flouring Mill Upload image
August 25, 1980
November 25, 1986
Willow St. and E. M Ave.
La Grande

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