Salon des Tuileries

The Salon des Tuileries was an annual art exhibition for painting and sculpture, created June 14, 1923, co-founded by painters Albert Besnard and Bessie Davidson, sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, architect Auguste Perret, [1] and others.

The first year's exhibition was conducted in former barracks at the Porte Maillot of the city gates of Paris, in a "Palais du Bois" (wooden palace) hastily constructed by the Perret brothers. Its location varied afterwards. The Salon, together with the 1884 Société des Artistes Indépendants, the 1903 Salon d'Automne and others, was organized in opposition to the Academy's official Salon system. Annual exhibitions continued at least into the 1950s.

Participating artists

Participating artists included:


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Gazette des Sept Arts, dir. Canudo, n. 8, Numéro consacré au premier Salon des Tuileries, 20 May 1923

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