Takaoka Station (Toyama)

Takaoka Station

Takaoka Station "Zuiryuji" (South) entrance, December 2012
Location 6-1 Shimozekimachi, Takaoka, Toyama
Operated by
Line(s) Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line, Himi Line, Jōhana Line

Takaoka Station (高岡駅 Takaoka-eki) is a major interchange railway station on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line in Takaoka, Toyama, Japan, operated by Ainokaze Toyama Railway.


Takaoka Station is situated on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway, and is also the starting point of the 16.5 km Himi Line to Himi in Himi, Toyama and the 29.5 km Jōhana Line to Jōhana in Nanto, Toyama.

Limited express services

There is no limited express services at the station as the city of Takaoka is served by the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Shin-Takaoka Station. Prior to the opening of the Shinkansen in 2015, the station was served by the following limited express services.

Station layout

The station has three island platforms and one side platform serving a total of seven tracks. The station building is located above the tracks, with the Kojokoen Entrance (古城公園口) on the north side (actually indicated as the "East Entrance"), and the Zuiryuji Entrance (瑞龍寺口) on the south side.[1] The station has a staffed ticket office.[1]


View from the Toyama (east) end of platforms 3/4, December 2012
A Hokuriku sleeping car service at Takaoka Station, January 2010
1  Johana Line for Johana
2  Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Toyama and Tomari
 Johana Line for Johana
3  Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Toyama and Tomari
 Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Kanazawa
4  Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Kanazawa
5  Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Toyama and Tomari
6  Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line for Toyama and Tomari
7  Himi Line for Himi

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line
Isurugi Ainokaze Liner Kosugi
Nishi-Takaoka   Local   Etchū-Daimon
Johana Line
Terminus   Local   Shin-Takaoka
Himi Line
Terminus   Local   Etchū-Nakagawa


Takaoka Station opened on 1 November 1898.[2]

Work started in October 2007 to rebuild the station with an overpass connecting the north and south sides.[3] The new overhead station building was completed in August 2011.[3] Remodelling of the surrounding area is scheduled to be completed by early 2015.[3]

Surrounding area

Manyosen tram stop, April 2014

Kojokoen Entrance (north side)

Zuiryuji Entrance (south side)


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