Toyama Chihō Railway

Type 14760 train
Type 7000 tramcar
Type 8000 tramcar
Type 9000 tramcar "Centram"

The Toyama Chihō Railway (富山地方鉄道 Toyama Chihō Tetsudō, "Toyama Regional Railway") is a transportation company in Toyama, Toyama, Japan. The company is commonly known as Chitetsu (地鉄). The private company operates railway, tram, and bus lines in the eastern part of the prefecture. It also operates as the agency of All Nippon Airways in Toyama area. The company has its root in Toyama Electric Railway (富山電気鉄道 Toyama Denki Tetsudō) founded in 1930. The current company was founded in 1943, when all the private and public operators of railway, tram, and bus lines in the prefecture were merged into one. In 1950, it founded Kaetsunō Railway, planning to build the railway line that links Toyama and Ishikawa. Chitetsu handed over its networks in the western part of Toyama Prefecture, although the plan never came into reality.


Railway lines

Main Line (本線): Dentetsu-Toyama Unazuki-Onsen
Tateyama Line (立山線): Terada Tateyama
Fujikoshi-Kamidaki Line: These two lines are treated as a single line.
Fujikoshi Line (不二越線): Inarimachi Minami-Toyama
Kamidaki Line (上滝線): Minami-Toyama Iwakuraji

All the trains from Tateyama Line and Fujikoshi-Kamidaki Line have through services to Main Line, reaching Dentetsu-Toyama.

Tram lines

There is a plan to link Toyama-Ekimae Station and Toyamaekikita Station of Toyama Light Rail, currently 250 m away. After two tram lines are linked, they will have a through service.

Bus lines

The company operates local bus lines in the whole eastern part of the prefecture, including Toyama City. It also operates many highway buses linking Toyama City and other parts of Japan, including Tokyo, Ōsaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa and others.

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