View of Arles, Flowering Orchards

View of Arles, flowering orchards
Original title, in French: Vue d'Arles, vergers en fleurs, Title in German: Blick auf Arles, blühende obstgärten
View of Arles, flowering orchards
Artist Vincent van Gogh
Year 1889
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 72 cm × 92 cm (28.3 in × 36.2 in)
Location Neue Pinakothek, Munich

View of Arles, Flowering Orchards is a painting by Vincent van Gogh, executed in spring 1889, one of several paintings he produced on the subject of Flowering Orchards (Van Gogh series) while living in Arles.


It supplies a view across a canal and the poplars on its board towards the historical center of Arles, with the towers of Saint-Trophime and Notre-Dame-le-major to the left, contrasted by recent building of the casern housing the Zouave Regiment to the right.[1]


Van Gogh incorporated this painting in his selection of works to be displayed at Les XX, in Bruxelles 1890.


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