View of the Asylum and Chapel of Saint-Rémy

View of the Asylum and Chapel of Saint-Rémy
Artist Vincent van Gogh
Year 1889
Catalogue F803 / JH2124
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 45.1 cm × 60.4 cm (17.8 in × 23.8 in)
Location Private collection

View of the Asylum and Chapel of Saint-Rémy is an oil on canvas painting by Vincent van Gogh that he painted in autumn 1889 at Saint-Rémy, France, where he had voluntarily incarcerated himself in a lunatic asylum.

The painting was originally thought to be a view of the church at Labbeville, near Auvers, where he moved following his stay at the asylum, but it is now accepted to be a view of the asylum and church at Saint-Rémy.[1] It may have been among the 'autumn studies' mentioned in Vincent's letter to his brother Theo of 7 December 1889.[2]

According to Ronald Pickvance, "the view is unique in van Gogh's entire Saint-Remy oeuvre. It is the only work that affords a glimpse of the Romanesque tower of the original Augustinian monastery; in this respect, it can be compared with several views of the Romanesque tower of Saint-Trophime in Arles (e.g., F409, F515). Stylistically, it can be compared with Entrance to a Quarry".[3]

The painting was in the collection of the actress Elizabeth Taylor, on display in her living room, and was sold at auction in 2012 following her death for $15,991,575.[4][5]


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